Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My kids are different...

Today was my 'last day off' until Wanda takes some time off this fall. We went to the library- Dan had an overdue book, and my last library book failed to hold my attention.

While there, I went to the Library Used Book store, where I found a book by one of Tommy's favorite authors, Ann Coulter. He has probably read the book, but I got it for him anyway. What sort of teenagers read Ann Coulter?

Then I went on into the library itself- where Daniel found me roaming the stacks. He needed help to find a non-fiction book in the adult stacks.

He wanted "An Inconvenient Book" by Glenn Beck. It took us awhile, but we found it. This is a fairly new release- but instead of being up on the new book display- it was buried deep in the stacks, where one would not find it unless deliberately looking for it.... and then it took some searching.

We watch "The Creation Network" on TV on Tuesday evenings. All of the boys could pretty well refute any anti-creationist based on evidence. Some people think we are raising social misfits... Kids that don't follow the crowd. They can think for themselves and present logical arguments for what they believe is right. They are learning to base their beliefs on evidence and not theory. I hope they are also learning kindness to others, and how to give people a hand up.

They listen to political issues and have intelligent questions and opinions based on many different sources. They get that from their Dad; I'm about as political as I am athletic.

In Other News:
I am liking my Oreilly's job. I AM challenged by non-computer lookups. And I DON'T know my vehicles. Someone comes in and says I drive an S10. I ask who makes the S10... they look at me as if I have suddenly morphed into a space alien. I don't speak car. Someone comes in and says they need a new cam shaft. I have to ask what system of the car this is related to... I have categories to select from before I can get as specific as a particular part.... and I have NO CLUE what a cam shaft is. So folks can have a good laugh at me. The other newby does speak car- fluently.
I was trapped by several people conversing in car yesterday. They all carried on for several minutes, when my ignorance became obvious. "You didn't follow any of that, did you?" one asked me. I said "no... I don't even think you were speaking english."

(But I can speak aircraft! I could call the AOG desk for an SFECU for an A&P to put on a CRJ for the BOW.... aren't you impressed?)

I picked up 18 Sam Adams today- WM just did NOT have a selection. I made up the other 6 on a build your own 6 pack... Lets see how that works out. I found a funny card- so I am almost all set for the anniversary. I think I will pick up makings for a nice dinner when I get off work on Saturday evening- since I work next door to the local grocery store that has the best meat counter.
So we libraried, and went to the store. I never made it to the post office. I got a small nap in. We are making egg rolls for supper. Our home made ones have spoiled us into finding most store-bought or restaurant egg rolls just not stacking up. MMMM MMM MMMMMMMM!


Anonymous said...

A friend posted this link today on our homeschool board. I think it so fits what you are talking about with our kids. I love having different kids!


truth said...

Really? You can taste a difference in the eggs? I enjoyed hearing about your boys and their differences too.

I don't think I could work in a car parts place. At one time I spoke car, but that was oh so many years ago and things have changed too much. I had to think for a minute, though when you mentioned the S10 (Chevy.) Anything that starts with an 'S' and I automatically think S2000 (which is my car, lol.)

I'll bet you'll be speaking car very soon. Your boys will be so impressed.

Tommy said...

Whitch Ann Coulter book?

To answear your question(what kind of teenager reads Ann Coulter)A rush baby, right wing conservitive nut.That happened to be homeschooled.